Reasons for Running

 1.  To give back to the community that I love.  After the death of my husband, this community and its people embraced the boys and myself and have been so generous with their love and support. I would like to pay it forward by serving them and their interests in Harrisburg.

2. To do what’s best for the people. I realize that there are varying opinions on what is best. However, we need to work together and not always be separated by party lines or as directed by special interests or lobbyists, in determining what best means for our community and Pennsylvania. If that means compromise across party lines, then I will do just that.

3. To build the bridge between parties.  The partisan divide is insane and short-sighted.  

4. To make a difference. I plan to get out there, hold public meetings, attend municipal meetings and interact with local groups and organizations.  I will listen to ALL of my constituents and their concerns and do what I can to help them and make things happen for the people of the 129th Legislative District and Berks County.  I will not be self-serving or party serving. I will be people serving.  I am not a rightest conservative or a leftist liberal. I am more a moderate independent looking to serve the best interest of the people.  Period.

Yes, I have experienced tragedy.  Scott was the love of my life and our lives changed drastically when he was taken from us.  His service as a police officer was what defined him and our family.  We have tried to keep his legacy alive and the decision to run to serve our community in Harrisburg is a continuation of our legacy of service.  While I miss him every day, I have not let that tragedy define me or break me.  I have grown from it and used my experiences to try to make positive things happen.